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Happy Wednesday everyone! I remember reading other bloggers Wedding Wednesday updates over the past few years and they would post updates every single week! I’m blown away thinking about that now. I don’t want to share every little detail on the blog because I want those attending to still enjoy the experience and not know all of the details prior to being there. But also, the amount that they were accomplishing is astounding. I went three weeks without doing one thing but we are in full planning mode now and I’m happy with the progress we’ve made since my last update!

What have we done in the last few weeks?

 Ring Bearer. Chris’ cousins have the cutest little boy who we definitely wanted to be our ring bearer. We spent the day together for the Monument City Brewing/Charm City Coffee Roasters collab and asked Michael if he’d be in our wedding. I can’t wait to see him in a little tux and bow tie!

 Photographer. We booked Urban Row Photography to shoot our wedding and I’m so so happy. Naomi and I clicked when we did a shoot together in September (that went live earlier this week! I’ll share it on the blog next week) and I can’t wait to have her photograph our engagement session and wedding!

 Caterer. We selected a caterer that we really like and had a tasting last week. I love how flexible they are with the food items we want and are super accommodating for those with food allergies/intolerances.

Dress. I got a dress on Saturday! Mama, Katie, and Chris’ Mom came along while I tried on dresses to help me pick the one. I wish so badly that I could upload a photo of the dress to show the world because I love it SO MUCH but you’ll have to wait with me to share it. 

Flowers. I’m in contact with a florist who might be able to work with our budget which is promising considering every florist I’ve emailed has said that their packages START at $6,000… that’s insane! I love flowers but they aren’t the most important element of the wedding for me and I’m not willing to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on them! I’m excited about the potential of the florist I’m in contact with and hope we can work together to make something beautiful!

We’ve also started working on booking the DJ, locking down some of the decor and hope to ask our Officiant in the upcoming weeks! 

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  • Jenn

    Girl you are on top of it! haha I am a spontaneous person and I hate planning so our wedding was a challenge for me! I ran into the same problem with flowers! I am not a flower person anyway and spending that much on flowers for one day was unfathomable to me. I ended up finding a girl on Etsy who makes flowers out of burlap. I got mine, my MOH, 5 bridesmaids, Mother and MIL wrist corsages, and the throw bouquet all for less than $500! And I still have my bouquet as my kitchen table center piece :)