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Six months ago I said yes. Yes to starting a fitness journey that was long overdue. Yes to taking care of my physical health and my mental health. Yes to waking up early to work out. Yes to feeding my body the nutrients it craves and deserves. Yes to stepping out of my comfort zone and facing my fear of failure. It was the best yes I’ve ever said out loud.

I’ve been fairly healthy most of my life, but that really means I don’t eat a ton of junk food. I love carbs and I don’t lead a sedentary lifestyle but I don’t run or lift weights either. I’d get winded going up and down the stairs at my office garage but I was skinny so everyone around me assumed I was in shape.

I was scared of working out for the fear of failure and the worst part- it was my little secret.

Friends would invite me to rooftop yoga or bootcamp in the local park and I’d always find an excuse to say no. I had to work or I was already committed to something else. I used them all. Really, I was just terrified. I was scared to show up in my workout clothes that didn’t fit quite right, to get sweaty and red faced within the first ten minutes of the class and not be able to last the entire 60 minutes without sitting down.

But when looking at my family’s history of heart disease and diabetes, I realized I was pretty much guaranteeing that life for myself if I didn’t do something about it now!

In March, I joined a gym with my Fiance, got a personal trainer and started working out with friends whenever the opportunities presented themselves. Did I have to sit down a couple times in the first class? Yes. Did people point at me and laugh? No. Instead, I experienced the exact opposite! I learned that the fitness community is incredibly supportive and uplifting. Everyone is working towards their own goals but know how difficult it can be. The support I’ve experienced is amazing and the difference in my body in just six months is encouraging! Beyond what I can physically see as changes, I feel better and daily activities are so much easier now.

Beyond hitting the treadmill and cranking out burpees, I needed to teach my body and my brain that healthy food is what it needs and wants. Before this journey, I was eating a meat, a starch, and a vegetable in almost every meal but the types and proportions were not what I should have been eating.

Thanks to Well Yes!® Soups I’m able to enjoy my favorite soups (hello my nickname is Soup) and maintain my food goals of eating real ingredients.  Well Yes! Soups contain all natural ingredients with no artificial colors or ingredients!

Well Yes! Soups can be found in select grocery retailers and I encourage you to take a look at their website to find a store near you. The classic Chicken Noodle reminds me of my childhood, the Hearty Lentil with Vegetables is so delicious and filling and the Black Bean with Red Quinoa meets my weekly need of Mexican flavors!



The Well Yes! Soups are the perfect dinner option after my Fiance and I work out together. We are exhausted so the quick and easy process of warming up the soup is perfect. We also want to eat a hearty and lighter meal after working out- no need to cancel out the calories burned with other less nutrient dense options! With a side salad of mixed greens and veggies the meal is complete and so yummy!


Saying yes to Well Yes! Soups allows me to feed my body real ingredients to fuel my workouts and say yes to stronger body for my future!

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