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Sorry for the silence over the last two weeks. I didn’t know how much I needed a break from writing until I went a week without posting anything to the blog!

The past few weeks have been CRAZY. I’ve written before about Harbor Harvest and Oyster Fest, the two biggest events I produce for Waterfront Partnership. You can read about last years event HERE.

Due to scheduling conflicts we had to move Oyster Fest earlier in the year and the only date available with the city was the day before Harbor Harvest. I remember telling the team that we’d be working both events in one weekend. They didn’t believe me. While it seems crazy it made sense for a lot of reasons too and I set to work making sure we were as organized as possible in hosting both events in one weekend.

I can safely say we will never do it again. They were the best events we’ve ever had, the most attended events we’ve ever had and I shocked myself at how organized I was throughout the planning process but it was a lot to keep track of and confusing for some of the vendors so we will definitely be moving Oyster Fest back to its usual weekend which is the first Saturday in November.

Some pics from the events:

IMG_3153 IMG_1474





The events were a great success and I couldn’t be happier with how they went or that they are now OVER!


Again, so sorry for the lack of posting over the last few weeks but it was much needed and I feel refreshed and ready to share some fun content with you guys over the next few months!

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  • Jen

    You are amazing!!! Wow what an event to plan and be a part of. It looks awesome!