My Money Diary


Saving money is hard. Like really hard. With an upcoming wedding, wanting to plan for a future with my Fiance and wanting nicer things in life it’s important to me that I save my money and not spend it on frivilous things at the Target Dollar Spot…

Why is it hard though? Because I live in a urban area. There is something to do and spend money on within reach at all times. Between coffee shops that are just a few doors down from my work, delicious restaurants I still haven’t tried and a Target less than a mile from my house…its hard. I don’t think I can say that enough. 

BUT it is totally do-able and with some pretty awesome goals that I’m working towards I’ve been making a decent effort. Last month I downloaded the Every Dollar app and have been tracking where my excess spending was going. No surprise here- Target runs and eating out (mostly lunch and coffee during the week). 

I’ve also been mildly obsessed with Refinery 29’s Money Diaries. It’s interesting to me how people choose to spend their money in a given week. So I thought I’d do my own version of money diaries to see how it compares to the others. 

**This does not include any fixed costs like rent, cell phone bill, car payment, etc. 


6:45 am- I have to be at work so I wake up earlier than Chris and start getting ready. I don’t usually leave myself a ton of time to eat breakfast and used to just pick up an everything bagel from Whole Foods (my favorite!) across from work but waffles are a quick and easy breakfast. I also made some hard boiled eggs yesterday so I scarf down two waffles and a hardboiled egg before heading out the door. I also set the coffee pot the night before so I’m not tempted to pick up DD on the way in!  

11:00am- I’m pretty good about bringing in leftovers for lunch each day. Today I have leftover soup from the weekend but forgot about a work lunch. The company covered lunch and I get to save my soup for tomorrow!

6:00pm- I have a Sephora cart filled with dry shampoo made for brunettes and texture spray. But do I really need it? No, I have one 27 years without texture spray and have two bottles of dry shampoo that could be used up before upgrading to a bottle that doesn’t require me brushing out the gray spots left behind. It’s not glamorous but smart. 

7:00pm- Chris invited me to go to the movies to see Thor. Since I’m not super into seeing that particular movie I pass and encourage him to have a guys night out. I stay in and snack on Fishers Caramel Popcorn that was gifted to us and watch Dancing with the Stars.

Money Spent- $0


7:15am- I’m supposed to be awake around 6:30… I definitely overslept. Which means I grab a bagel as I’m running out the door and eat it at work. Thanksfully I remembered to do that! 

9:00am- My throat is scratchy and all I want is a cup of tea. I walk to Starbucks with my co-workers and get my first ever chai tea latte. It’s delicious! I bought coffee for my co-worker last week so she covers mine today. 

11:00am- I have my leftovers in the fridge at work that I didn’t eat yesterday. Woohoo to not buying lunch! 

5:00pm- I stop at Target to grab a baby shower gift + card, some food for dinner, and cough drops for this nagging sore throat. $41

Money Spent- $41


7:00am- I am running late so I grab a bagel and throw it in my bag to eat at work.

11:00: I eat more leftovers from dinner on Monday. I’m doing well bringing my lunch to work this week and think I might be able to continue the last two days!

9:00pm- Chris and I attend a VIP Opening of a new apartment complex. There’s an open bar and passed so I am all set on drinks but we stop at Sobo Cafe afterwards to grab some apps. My fiance pays for both of us.

Money Spent- $0


6:00am- I have tv interviews at the rink so I eat waffles and a hard boiled egg at home before heading to the rink. 

9:30am- Since I ate earlier than usual I’m already hungry and decide to grab a bagel and tea from Starbucks. My co-worker offers to buy my breakfast because I let her dog out the previous day. So sweet. 

11:30am- I eat leftover burrito bowls that we made for dinner on Tuesday night- they are even better as leftovers!  After lunch I head to CVS to get a card for a co-worker. $5

4:30pm- In an effort to make Christmas shopping less daunting I add some items to my Amazon cart and pull the trigger on two. $50

7:00pm- I have dinner with my friend Jaclyn which has been on the books for a month! We opt for a new to us restaurant near my house and I devour a burger and french fries and cover the tip. $25 

Money Spent- $80


7:00am- I eat a bagel and finish the hard boiled eggs before heading into work. Once at work I make myself a tea in our kitchen to avoid buying one out! 

11:00am- I did it! I avoided buying lunch all week! I finish a really good book while eating my leftovers at my desk. 

4:00pm- I just produced the opening ceremony for the ice rink so I am exhausted and cooking is not on the table for tonight. I stop at Harris Teeter and pick up a frozen pizza and bag of popcorn for my movie date later with Chris. He rents a movie for us to watch- Girls Trip. $12

Money Spent- $12


8:00am- I finish the bagels we have in the house and head to my tv spots at Fox 45. No coffee before hand because I don’t trust myself to not speed talk on my segment!

8:30am- I stop at Artifact for a coffee and drool over the pastry display. $5

1:00pm- Chris’ Mom and I head to a baby shower a little less than an hour away from Baltimore and eat lunch there- sloppy joe’s and deli subs. 

7:00pm- Since Sunday is grocery shopping day we’ve gone through pretty much everything in the house. I order Hungry Andy’s delivery an eat every last bite of my sandwich. $20

Money Spent- $25


10:00am- Mama Soup comes to town to pick up Mar and spent some time with us! She treats us to brunch (Thanks Mama!) and we fill ourselves with chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, eggs and scrapple. 

3:00pm- After finishing up some laundry at the house I head to Target to browse and get some inspiration for Christmas gifts. I try to reign in my Target addiction and only purchase two mini stockings for the pups an a black slouchy beanie. $12

3:30pm- The grocery store on a Sunday is the worst place to be but here I am. I tear through the store like a tornado so that I don’t have to spend a second longer than I have to in the store! They don’t have two of the main items I need so I decide to come back tomorrow, but grab everything I can and head out! $35

Money Spent- $47

Weekly Total: $205


I’m shocked at how little I spent but I made a conscious effort to do so. If I had done a money diary six months ago it would have been out of control. Coffee from Starbucks every day, lunch out three days a week, one or two Target trips and the weekend would have included some blogger project shopping trips. But with a wedding coming up I’m trying to stick to the budget and be smart about my money.  Have you ever kept a money diary before? Would you? 

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  • Lauren

    This is SUCH a good idea!!! Especially now with baby girl expenses, I should really keep track of my money better :)