Street Art Secrets in Charleston

Street Art SC


What is your travel style? Do you plan ahead after scouring blog posts and online “Top 10 Things to Do in _____” articles and make a list of things to do on each day of your trip? Or do you go to a new city and simply wander knowing that you’ll come across something new and exciting?

Chris and I have a definite travel style and its’ a mixture of both. We learned early on in our relationship that we don’t do well without any structure or idea of things to see/do mainly because of my FOMO but also because if we paid to visit a new place we want to make sure we are seeing as much of it as possible. BUT we also know that having a daily structured plan isn’t good for us either because we like the flexibility to wake up and plan our day based on our moods.

One thing is constant though- we love finding street art. Every city is different, some are covered in murals and graffiti and others you have to look hard for it. Charleston was one of those cities. Charleston’s historic downtown district is filled with beautiful ornate buildings painted bright colors. We didn’t find one mural downtown because many of the buildings are part of the historic register and cannot be painted.

To find the creative, bright, political and emotional murals that I was dying to find and discover we had to visit three different parts of town which I discovered via some IG searches. It’s how I search for street art everywhere- using #streetart____ (insert city). Since most people geo-tag their instagram pictures it’s easy to get an idea of where the murals are and then make a plan to go there!

Taco Boy

Taco Boy is located off of East Bay Ave after you cross over the Ravenal Bridge into Charleston. Next door is a vacant lot, which I think the restaurant is using as their parking lot. There are three standing walls covered in murals by local and international artists.


^^ We fell in love with @patchwhisky’s artwork as we spotted it numerous places in town! This is our favorite and the easiest to photograph as the others are on tops of buildings or on warehouses visible from the highway.


^^ I can’t figure out who this artist is!

High Wire Distillery


^^ We came here to see Shepherd Fairey’s wall. This is only the second wall of his that I’ve seen in person and it was just as amazing as I had hoped it would be. Unfortunately, the parking lot made spaces right in front of it so we had to bounce around cars to get the snaps we wanted but it was still amazing.


^^ I have been a fan of Jason Woodside since I did the Lifewtr campaign and used his bottle in some of my photos. I haven’t seen his work in DC yet but we stumbled upon this wall by accident. As I was saying, “we have to make sure we look around corners at the other walls to make sure we don’t miss anything”, I rounded a corner and found this wall! I squealed and jumped up and down, which signaled to Chris that it, was time to be an Instagram Husband.



^^ Upon doing research on Charleston art I found a mural that was geo-tagged for Charles Town Fermentory so we added it to the list of places to check out. I had no idea that there was an alley behind the brewery filled with art!


^^ No artist signature but this elephant is one of my favorite murals we’ve ever found.


^^ Another potential Patch Whisky but I’m not sure


^^ Love how unique this one is!


Which walls do you like the best?

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  • Meg Taylor

    We live in West Ashley, near Avondale, and I love all the street art there. We definitely have a similar travel style to you. I love looking for Instagrammable spots, donut shops, and coffee houses. After that, we wing it!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven