Dairy Free Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up

Thanksgiving is four days away- how?! Time is flying by and I KNOW that I sound like a broken record because I say it so often but geez is it going fast! 

Chris, Cannoli and I are heading to Delaware on Wednesday to spend the holiday with my family. His parents are driving down on Thursday and I can’t wait to spend quality time with family members that I only see a couple times a year. Its going to be an amazing couple of days and I’m very much looking forward to it!

Thanksgiving used to be my least faorite holiday because I was so sick for a couple years in a row. We didn’t know at the time that I was lactose intolerant so I would eat Thanksgiving dinner, cross my fingers everything went well and then I’d be super sick. 

Now that we KNOW what’s going on it’s much easier to avoid the things that have dairy and adapt recipes so that I can enjoy them as well. The best part is that I’ve made dairy free offerings for Thanksgiving the last few years and no one even notices!

There are a ton of recipes on Pinterest that are drool-worthy and diary free so I’ve compiled a few to share!


Mashed Potatoes


Pumpkin Pie




Sweet Potato Pie


Green Bean Casserole



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  • http://www.thefreeandwildblog.com Annie

    Um, well, hello, thank you. Currently pinning all of these and going to make them ASAP cause Thanksgiving is never truly over in my heart.