Wintertime Vitamin D


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The weather has been weird in Baltimore over the last few months. We went from scorching hot temperatures in October to bone chilling temperatures just a few days later. It seems that we didn’t have much of a Fall and that Winter is here to stay. Anyone else not ok with that?

I’m not a fan of Winter! I don’t like the brutally cold weather that hits Baltimore from December-February each year. I find that I hibernate inside on the sofa and only leave when I have to. 

As the weather turns colder and hibernation sets in my Vitamin D intake declines. 

What exactly is Vitamin D? Vitamin D helps improve calcium absorption, supports bone, teeth, muscle, and immune health.† Vitamin D is synthesized by the skin when we’re exposed to sunlight during certain times of the day and year, and can also be found in a limited number of natural and fortified foods sources. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium, and vitamin D supports bone, teeth, muscle and immune system health.†

But it’s winter and we don’t go outside remember? How else can we get our daily intake of Vitamin D?


Get outside

This is the most obvious way to get more Vitamin D during the winter but also the hardest. Get outside! Just because you have to bundle up doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t out and still shining! Whether you’re skiing, playing in the snow, or just walking the dog always turn your face to the sun and take off your gloves to expose your hands to the sun as well but do this in small time increments. 


Eat the right food

Vitamin D can be found in foods that you eat almost everyday and if not, these are good to add to your diet! Foods like cheese, dairy, almond/soy milk, beef, fish, yolk contain varying amounts of Vitamin D and are good to eat in moderation.


Vitamin D Lamp

Vitamin D lamps are small tabletop lamps that provide light and Vitmain D. They produce UVB rays, which cause the skin to produce more Vitamin D. These lamps can be found at various stores and online. Turn it on while you’re working on homework, reading a book or watching your favorite tv show.


Vitamin D Tablets

Hands down the easiest way to incorporate Vitamin D into your life during the cold winter months is by taking Vitamin D tablets. I pick up my Nature Made® Vitamin D tablets from Walmart’s pharmacy section. 

IMG_3760 IMG_8586

Nature Made® offers several levels of Vitamin D at Walmart, including Nature Made® Vitamin D3 2000IU Tablet and Nature Made® Vitamin D3 5000IU Softgel. The 5000IU high dose product is intended for those deficient in Vitamin D as determined and recommended by their physician.


While I am trying to get outside more often and include foods rich in Vitamin D to my daily diet, Nature Made® Vitamin D tablets are my preferred way to incorporate more vitamins into my life. I leave them in my kitchen so I can take one with my morning coffee and breakfast each day.

IMG_2285 IMG_2281


Did you know that 90% of the US population do not meet their daily vitamin D needs?1  Do you meet yours? Head to your local Walmart and visit their pharmacy section particularly the Vitamins A-K aisle for your own bottle of Nature Made® Vitamin D tablets!



 † These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.
1 Fulgoni V, et al. Foods, Fortificants, and Supplements: Where do Americans get their nutrients? J of Nutrition 2011;141:1847-1854.


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