Christmastime Traditions


Yesterday Chris and I joined our bffs Katie and Jay and Katies family to cut down a Christmas tree! I was so so so excited for this and didn’t know what to expect!

Growing up we only had fake trees because of my brothers allergies. Last years tree with Chris in our new home was the first time I’ve had a real tree, but we didn’t cut it down ourselves. We drove to a pop-up Christmas tree farm in his parents’ neighborhood and just selected a tree. I had no idea what to expect and definitely didn’t expect the amazing afternoon that we had. 

We met the group at Showvakers in Manchester, Maryland. I was expecting a field of Christmas trees and maybe a little shed with wreaths and ornaments to buy when paying for the tree. Nope. Showvakers had something for everyone and put me in the holiday spirit as soon as we stepped out of the car! 

Huge trees lined the property with oversized ornaments, Santa was inside his house ready to see all the little boys and girls, a petting zoo made us all feel like little kids again and that was only half of it. 

IMG_0456 IMG_1901 IMG_3368

Thank you Bunny & Katie for having us! We loved spending the day with you and cutting down our first tree together! 

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