Thanksgiving Recap

Here we are DAYS into December and I still haven’t done a Thanksgiving recap. Better late than never, right?

I’m excited to give an old school weekend recap but let’s start with the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.


Tuesday after work I walked the dog in Patterson Park (a little more spritely than usual knowing that my vacation had now begun!) and headed out to pick up Chris for dinner with a friend. We met at her home and then walked to Bookmakers in Fed Hill. We wanted to catch up with Chris’ childhood friend, Lauren but also we wanted to ask her if she’d marry us in September! We were SO happy that she said yes and we ended the night with a glass of celebratory champagne and made our way home to relax and snuggle before heading to Delaware the next day. 


We opened the door and immediately knew something wasn’t right. The house was filled with an odor we couldn’t place so I assumed it was gas since the fumes were so incredibly strong and a headache was already on its way. Chris called the fire department which alerted the entire neighborhood that something was wrong AGAIN. Good news is that it wasn’t gas but the house next door is undergoing construction and something was definitely left with a lid off because the fumes were seeping through our walls.

The firemen confirmed that we weren’t in any danger but also suggested we find somewhere else to sleep since the fumes were strong and could make us ill. We packed quickly (in under 10 minutes) and could already feel the effects. I had a splitting headache and Chris was dizzy- not good. We opted to stay with Chris’ parents for the night and start our drive to Delaware the next morning.


We got to Delaware and snugged my parents and Marley hard! My brother Jonathan and his Mom, Mary, arrived later in the evening and we all indulged in our favorite local pizza before heading to bed. 




Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite holidays over the years because of the great food and even more so because of the time spent with family! 

We woke up slowly, went for a run around the neighborhood and then watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade while sipping on cups of tea and coffee. It was perfection. The rest of the day was spent helping get dinner ready, greeting family members as they arrived and my Dad set up the archery range for everyone to give it a try. 

We grew up shooting bows and my Dad is an archery instructor so it was really fun to watch him teach Chris and for me to hold a bow again after so many years!


IMG_1795 IMG_1821 IMG_1860

Dinner was AMAZING and it was the most people we’ve ever hosted at my childhood home. I selfishly loved having the ones I love in my favorite place. We ended the night with board games and crashed hard!



Since the four cousins were all in town (which is rare!) we spent the day together and had a rocket launch like old times! We grew up building model rockets and shooting them off in the field behind our house. So 20 years later from when it all began we decided to host another one and introduce it to the new significant others and Chris’ parents who spent the holiday with us as well!

IMG_2021 IMG_2092 IMG_2098 IMG_2169 IMG_2178 IMG_2234


Saturday we woke up early and hit the road. It’s always so hard to leave Delaware, especially after such a great three days with everyone. But it makes saying goodbye a little easier knowing that we will be reunited in a few weeks for Christmas! 

Chris, Cannoli, and I went back to Baltimore to a normal smelling house (thank goodness!) and got ready for our night out in DC. We went to DC with our bffs Katie and Jay to see Blockhead at U Street Music Hall. It was such a good show and it made us realize how old we really are- staying up til 4am was NOT easy! 


Sunday we spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, unpacking and getting ready for the week ahead. This was one of the best Thanksgivings I’ve ever had and can’t wait for Christmas in a few weeks!


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  • Jen

    What a fun Thanksgiving! You can’t beat time together!