Not What We Expected

This was supposed to be a recap of our awesome New Years Eve Party with all of our favorite people that we hosted at our house, but it’s not. I got sick with bronchitis a few days after Christmas and am still dealing with lingering symptoms over a week later. Needless to say we did not host a New Years Eve party and were VERY disappointed. We were going to make champagne jello shots, yummy food, set up an AWESOME photobooth and I was going to wear my favorite sparkly dress…but my body wanted me to slow down after going non-stop for eight months so I had to listen. 

So Chris and I made the best of it. We snuggled with the pups, ate frozen pizza (one last bad meal right?) and watched the ball drop on tv while cheers-ing champagne. Yes we would have loved to have celebrated with our friends like we do every year but life isn’t always perfect and doesn’t go as planned. 

As someone who prefers to be in control it was difficult, but a solid reminder that life doesn’t always go as planned and you truly have to make the best of the hand you’ve been dealt. I mean we have our health (minus this one sickness), we have each other, we have our family and friends, we have an incredible year ahead of us and that’s all I need heading into the new year.


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  • Meg Taylor

    Oh goodness, I hope you are starting to feel better! I love that you still made the most of being together – happy new year!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  • Jen

    Aww I’m sorry! I hope you are feeling better though. Happy New Year!

  • Annie

    I love this. Life doesn’t always go as planned, and it sucks. (and B and I got sick the day before New Years anyways…) I love your parties and can’t wait to celebrate all the things with you this year!