Baltimore Valentine’s Day Gifts


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I LOVE this particular holiday. I’ve had a few where I was single and the thought of all the couples sitting at a restaurant holding hands across the table was a bit too much to bear, but I’ve always celebrate it as a day of love, not just romantic relationships.

In the past I’ve gone out to dinner with girlfriends or just had nights in watching movies and eating junk food. I like to celebrate the people in my life that I love all year long, but especially around Valentine’s Day.

Also, I can 100% get down with any holiday that’s pinks and reds and lots of chocolate. Just sayin’.

I won’t lie. I love getting flowers for Valentine’s Day but I also love to give unique and out of the box presents to Chris as well as the people I love. There are so many local Baltimore businesses that are offering gift ideas your significant other probably hadn’t thought of.

Wrapped by Meg

Meg does it all. Not only can she wrap presents like a boss, but she makes the PRETTIEST and tastiest cookies! Order 13 mini’s or $10 for your parents as a surprise or get a couple dozen for your co-workers (only if you really do love them THAT much!). While you’re at it- ask if she can wrap any other gifts you were ready to give out this V-Day. Don’t delay though- she’s only accepting orders through February 9th


Baltimore in a Box

Baltimore is a pretty cool city and has a lot of charm to share. Whether you’re sending a gift to someone who has moved away from Bmore or someone who is still here and loves their city- Baltimore in a Box has something from everyone. Select a curated box or make your own!


Washday Florals

If you’re looking for something a little different than the typical dozen roses but still want to surprise that special someone with a gorgeous bundle of flowers, visit Washday Florals and place your order today! Tiffany makes the most adorable shaker bouquets from actual salt shakers and my personal favorite, jam jars! 


Cooking Class in Hampden

Instead of squeezing into a restaurant and having someone else cook for you, learn how to cook together! Head over to Hampden and take a class with the Baltimore Chef Shop! They have classes for everyone and every taste bud! From homemade bread to french pastries to pizza and thai street food! 

 Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 7.57.00 PM

 Mouth Party Caramels

What’s Valentine’s Day without sweet gooey goodness? Mouth Party caramel boasts flavors like sea salt caramel, chocolate sea salt and their specialty, OMG! For a limited time they are selling Dark Chocolate Raspberry for Valentine’s Day! 



Happy Valentine’s Day friends!



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  • Jen

    Those cookies!!! They look so so good! :)