Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes


Valentine’s Day screams sugary goodness to me. Give me all the candy hearts, chocolate crunch mini’s and boxes of chocolate. Chris and I were super strategic with the timing of our sweets challenge. I wanted to be able to enjoy a few pieces of chocolate for the holiday and not feel guilty so we are waiting to start Whole 30 on February 15th.

Until then I’m trying my best to not eat desserts and candy and cookies all day everyday.

I was in Target a few weeks ago and spotted a mini heart shaped bundt pan. Bundt cake recipes are some of my favorite because they are so easy to make! I’m horrible at making cakes with multiple layers and don’t have the patience for icing a cake so bundt cakes with glaze drizzled on top are my favorite.

I tested one recipe from the blackhole of Pinterest and made one myself. Both cakes were made during the week that I gave up sweets (so hard!). I love baking for others so giving away the treats wasn’t hard but not taste testing each portion was!

You can find similar pans HERE and HERE to make a Valentine’s Day treat for someone special in your life!

For each of the recipes below I baked them in the oven at 350 degrees F for 25 minutes.

Red Hot Devils Food Cake

I made THIS recipe and loved it! I had never thought of melting down candy to make syrup, let alone mixing said syrup into ingredients to make a glaze. I didn’t have the consistency quite right so please don’t judge my artist glazing skills! I did not taste this, but my Mom assured me that it was a hit.

IMG_5486 IMG_5492 IMG_5496

Raspberry Swirl Cake

This was an easy recipe that I created on my own with yellow cake mix and a homemade raspberry sauce. I followed the directions on the box for the cake mix but only put half the recipe in the pan, topped it with raspberry sauce and then added the rest of the cake mix (keeping in mind that if you use a small bundt pan you’re really only using half of the batter total). Once I topped the raspberry sauce I took a knife and swirled it through the batter to move the sauce through the pan. To make the homemade raspberry sauce I followed THIS recipe.

 IMG_5508 IMG_5518


I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love from family, friends, and fur babies….oh and chocolate! 

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  • Darianne

    That looks great! I bet its very sweet, so its perfect for valentines day.