Wedding Wednesday- Big Moves

Happy Hump Day and Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s time for another #WeddingWednesday post and it’s a long one! I feel like we went so long just doing small tasks and maybe one or two a month and then BAM! January hit and we did literally all the things.

Like, how did we accomplish so much?! 

Figured out ceremony layout + reception layout: The great thing about our venue, Main Street Ballroom, is that it’s really a blank canvas. You can set up the ceremony and reception in a variety of ways and I think they are still learning new ways to set everything up. We decided on the layout for both portions of the day and both are different than what we had initially thought we wanted. I’m so so excited to see everything set up on the big day and to see our vision come to life!


Placed hotel blocks: For whatever reason I thought I needed to physically GO to the hotels and check them out before committing to a block. I just wanted to make sure they were decent hotels and that our guests would be comfortable. Luckily, one of my sorority sisters lives close by and was able to confirm that both are great options so they are booked and up on our wedding website!

Finished wedding registries: FINALLY! We had a horrible experience with Macy’s and I’m still finding glitches with our registry but there are items on it that we still really want and don’t want to abandon the registry completely. I’m so happy that its done. This was another part of wedding planning that I thought would be so much fun, but when you spend two hours in the store scanning things only to realize that nothing saved…yeah, not so much fun.

Finished wedding website: For those who want our registries and more information in one place- it’s done!

Picked an Inn for the bridal party to get ready in: I didn’t want to get ready for the wedding at a hotel when so many homes near the venue are historical and have similar charm to the venue. We found one that has enough room for some of the bridal party to stay over and definitely enough space to get ready for the wedding.

Purchased our cake topper: A little Charm City inspired and we love it!


Attended Aisle Style: It was really fun to attend my first bridal show and to do so with my MOH and my newly engaged co-worker, Carmera! It was fun to talk to all of the vendors since she’s at the beginning of the process and for me to talk to specific ones for the things I have left to book.

Booked our rehearsal venue: I am so happy that this is done since we had a specific venue in mind. It’s beautiful, has great food, the price is right and is within walking distance to the venue so no one has to drive in between rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner!

Picked Bachelorette/Bachelor Party dates and locations: We are staying closer to home for my Bachelorette Party and Chris is going to the middle of the country! I love that we have completely different plans and will also be going in two different months to spread out the chaos that will be our life right before the wedding.


Things we are hoping to do in February:

Hair trial
Cake tasting
Select a DJ
Select a videographer
Find a veil
Purchase wedding shoes
Figure out what Chris will be wearing
Figure out what the Groomsmen will be wearing
Decide on our signature cocktails
Figure out the booze order and place it!
Pick dates for bridal showers
Finalize honeymoon location

Stay tuned for an update next month! Hopefully I we cross off everything on this list and then some! 

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  • gail

    So very exciting! I can’t wait!

  • Macy Volpe

    YAY!!! So much progress, I can’t even handle it!! It’s all coming together and it’s going to be the best day.