12 x 30 January Week 4

Happy Monday everyone! I am sick and dragging today but we are one week closer to Spring so I can’t complain too much. Although tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 17 degrees. I think next winter I’m going to hibernate. Here is my 12×30 Recap for last week: Monday- I met my friend […]

Baltimore Eats: Chiapparelli’s

So it’s no secret I love Italian food. Every Christmas and Thanksgiving we have the traditional foods but we also throw in some stuffed shells or lasagna. Speaking of lasagna, that was the first food I remember learning to make and it’s something I haven’t made in years! I’m adding that to my “to-make” list […]

7 degrees

  7 degrees. You are seeing that correctly. I have never experienced 7 degrees in my life. I know this is probably annoying for people in Chicago & Canada to read but in my 23 years on this planet…this is a first. Steve and I went outside last night to scrape off our cars and […]

Snow Day!

Sooo we officially are having our 482934390th snow storm of this winter season. I’m over it. The only good news is that I am allowed to work from home, but the bad news is that my work laptop won’t connect. So hellllllo 4 hours of slacking but lots of napping. Stay safe and enjoy the […]


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12×30 January Week 3

How exciting is this?! FINALLY my own website and I switched over to wordpress.org so now I can play around with all the fun widgets! Shoutout to John for switching everything over and being a champ about it even though wordpress is not the easiest to deal with! Do you all like it? This is […]