Weekend Re-Cap

Soooo I just realized my post for yesterday didn’t publish! Here it is…again. Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was a BLAST. As someone who works almost every weekend, it was incredible to have a full weekend to spend with friends enjoying the city. Here’s a recap: Friday- Carissa and I decided to go out and […]

Top Five Friday!

Happy Friday!! It’s time for a nice relaxing weekend, thank goodness! Overall this week was pretty great. I have some news to share but it will have to wait until next week. For now check out the highlights from this week   – Last Friday night was girls night with Allie, Byrd, and Renee. We […]

Meet Jenn!

Happy Hump Day everyone! So I’ve mentioned my friend Jenn and her blog before….now you get to meet Jenn! This post is dedicated to getting to know each other a little better. She is posting the same questions with MY answers on her blog today so be sure to check that out too. I know […]



My Top 5 This Week

Happy Monday everyone!    The Top 5 Things I’m obsessed with this week are:   – My new Sanuk yoga mat flip flops! I have been getting these flips since 2008. They are the MOST comfortable shoes I have ever owned because they are made from yoga mats! Every summer I get a new pair […]

Top 5 Friday!

  Sorry for the delay! Here are my Top 5 from the past week     – Updates from this guy. He is currently at Camp Greyling practicing with M777’s. I don’t know much about it except that the guns are huge, loud, and shoot REALLY FAR. If you don’t know anything about it and […]

A peek into my world!

  Here are the pics my friends and family have chosen at random       13- The sunsets of Temecula, California are incredible. This race was our biggest yet with a two day event. We worked more hours than usual and killed it giving California a great race, this sunset was our prize as […]

The Index Card Project

  I am a huge fan of keeping a record of what happens each and every day. Think about it, you only get ONE July 17, 2013, there is no reason it shouldn’t be a good one. In an effort to document my life I’ve attempted and miserably failed at a few simple projects. My […]

Minnesota Recap

I should first mention that I hate flying. I have a job that requires me to fly at least three weekends every month and I hate to fly. I love going to new places and experiencing new adventures so I deal with it but like I said, it’s not my favorite thing to do. With […]

My Top 5

Happy Monday! I am back safe and sound from Minnesota! Tomorrow I will do a follow up post discussing the trip and some of the highlights. This was my third visit to Minnesota and each time I see something new and more random than before. Don’t forget to stay tuned for all the gory details […]